Masters Rifle shooting Association of Japan


Masters Rifle shooting Association of Japan


We, as a subsidiary organization of National Rifle Association of Japan,

are aiming these targets;


1.     Enhance our colleague, who are shooting rifle as a lifetime sports man and competitor

2.     Be a good enroll model for young rifle shooters

3.     Spread rifle sports in Japan

4.     In our activity,  make a object of rifle shooting competitor for yourself

5.     Enrich your life by rifle shooting sports


shortly, A Shooter for a Lifetime,

in Japanese gShogai Ichi Shashuh, ¶ŠUˆêŽËŽè.



Our International Activities

1.     World Masters Games
10th AJIA Masters Shooting Game(Incheon&Hwasung)

2.     Japan, China, Korea Friendship Rifle Shooting Games
Every year, this event are held at one of countries.
From 2008, we will get Mongol participants, and be renamed
Asian Friendship Rifle Shooting Games

3.     Long Range Target Shooting (Japanese)


Our Respective Sponsors Link (Japanese)

1.     GINZA Gun Limited

2.     Rifle shop ENNIS


4.     Schiess Japan NSK


Chief Secretary & Asian Region affairs : Akinori Takakuwa, ‚ŒKº‹I

 5-1, Block 38, Tagami-cho, Kanazawa Ishikawa, 920-1151 Japan



USA, Europe & Oceania Region affairs : Yoshihito Sakakibara,åŒ´‰Ãm

 Kyoto Japan


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